Our Simple Retirement Principles

TimingTruth's savings and investment practices are based on these four principles.
A principle is something that is fundamental to our character.  As such it drives our behavior.  Investing for your retirement is not difficult but it must be approached seriously.  We believe these principles reflect the proper character to succeed.
Unless you decide to take responsibility for your own retirement nothing will happen.  Nobody cares for your retirement as much as you, regardless of what they might tell you.  
  • Conscientious - You must manage your account if you hope to maximize your gains
The traditional strategy (Buy & Hold ) no longer works as it once did.  We at TimingTruth believe today's investors must conscientiously manage their investments in accord with the long term economic cycles rather than be carried along by them.  
  • Disciplined - You must regularly contribute to your retirement account
Saving for your retirement requires endurance and consistency. It should be evident that if you rarely contribute to your account that it will rarely grow.  Remember that you are first, saving for your retirement and second, investing wisely so that the savings will grow. 
  • Purposeful - You must be patient and not greedy 
People who are impatient or greedy typically make emotional decisions.  Emotional decisions are usually not profitable decisions when it comes to investing.  Act with purpose, not from emotion.
We use several retirement investment strategies based on these four principles to move our savings between several index funds in concert with larger economic cycles.
When you're ready to take responsibility for your own future we invite you to review these strategies.  If you're looking for an Individual Retirement Account(IRA) strategy then try EASY IRA.  However, if your employer offers an Employer Sponsored Retirement Account (401k or similar) then look at EASY 401k.

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