1 - How To Set up Your Easy 401k Account

The TimingTruth EASY 401k Retirement Strategy is for individuals who want a simple way to start saving for their retirement and have access to an employer sponsored 401k plan.  It uses only two broad market indexes.   As all TimingTruth strategies it strives to take advantage of strong economic cycles while avoiding weaker periods by monitoring long-term economic trends.
There are many advantages to opening a 401k account (or any of the related employer sponsored plans) through your employer.  There are also some disadvantages but few that would stop you from setting up your 401k account.  If you have no retirement account then starting your 401k is the advisable thing to do.
  • Advantages include:
    • Easy to setup and contribute
    • Often your employer will make matching contributions
  • Some disadvantages are:
    • Very high management costs
    • Often only offers mutual funds with limited selection
The good news is that a 401k is very easy because there is usually an employee at your work whose job is to help you with your 401k.  Also, there is often a Financial Adviser who wants to help you get your 401k going because he/she earns a commission off everything you invest. 
Understand that every employer sponsored plan is different because each employer has tailored the plan to fit that company's specific situation and goals.  For that reason alone you must start with and work with your employer to establish a 401k plan.
  • First, you must contact your employer's 401k plan administrator.  The will help you do the following:
    • Determine your eligibility.  Each employer has different eligibility requirements for their employees.
    • Complete the required forms
  • If you have the option to sign up for on-line access to your 401k plan by all means do so.  This will greatly simplify managing your 401k plan.

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